You Need To Update Your LinkedIn Company Page NOW

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LinkedIn has rolled out changes to company listings – and if you’ve created a LinkedIn Company Page and don’t update yours right away, you’ll leave a bit of embarrassing data online.

Lets have a look at what happened – and you can judge for yourself if it’s flattering!

I mean this!

LinkedIn used to allow companies to enter a text description. It wasn’t a huge amount of space, but you could describe your company reasonably well.

And that was it.

They’ve expanded the description to include specialties, logos, and an image – and specific products and services. The problem – if you don’t list any product or service, you get a goofy looking “default” page.

Here – let’s just show you what’s happened…

Image Of LinkedIn's New Companies Product Tab
LinkedIn New Companies Product Tab

So if your company name is Apple, and you haven’t yet created a product or service, you display this “Wouldn’t it be great if you created a product or service and got people talking about it” advertisement… (yes, this is the official Apple company page as of 2012-10-05 at 11:30 AM Eastern time)

Don’t let this continue!

What should you do?

Create a product or service!

Navigate to your company page, click on products, and add one. (It really isn’t that hard) You’ll also see the “Admin Tools” menu that conveniently has an entry labeled “Add product or service”.

I whipped one up for myself – the “LinkedIn Group Consulting” service.

In addition to what you might think are fairly normal options like specifying a product or a service, giving it a name, description, image, and features, you get to add bells and whistles;-)

  • A product url
  • One or more Contacts
  • A promotion with a url to a splash page
  • A video

For the one I created, I included both the link to my blog and the catchy “Favorite Linked Things” parody video from a couple years ago;-)

The problem with defaults…

Yes – it’s not nice when someone else rolls out a “new thing” that makes you look unprepared…

If LinkedIn is on the ball they’ll quickly fix this “what – you haven’t created anything yet – here – we’ll put something in place for you” snafu. But don’t count on it.

Get something up quickly – even if it isn’t your finest effort. It’s easy enough to go back and edit it.

If Apple can fall victim to this…

You know there wasn’t any warning.

So there’s no slight in realizing that it happened – everybody got pushed overboard at the same time.

Just get yourself up-righted – ASAP.

To your continued success,


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  1. Thanks for the reminder. But luckily, nothing happen to my company after Linkedin changed the company page. But we still need to edit the page to add more products and services.

  2. This is particularly annoying for institutions such as museums and libraries, who use LinkedIn but don’t have products and services, exactly. There is no real way to make this feature fit, yet leaving it blank makes a profile look unfinished.

  3. Lisa,

    That is particularly annoying – I feel for you.

    How about creating a “tour the museum” sort of product – or here’s one – feature the current traveling exhibit as a sort of promotion.


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