1. This picture brought back great memories. Several years ago, when the song was popular, I gave a speech on the power of networking entitled “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and had handouts with grapevines and leaves. The audience was asked to fill out each grape leaf and find someone connected to that name, add a grape leaf on the vine and continue. The speech opened the door for me to travel with First Lady Shirley Bellmon, her husband Henry, was Governor of Oklahoma. Grapevine, network, connection, golf, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, One Day One Job – the list is endless but the goal is the same – – to be connected.

  2. Hi Scott

    Since you recommend LinkedIn, I thought you will be interested to
    know that my company, eGrabber (www.egrabber.com), has just
    released a LinkedIn to Excel Automation Tool.

    This tool enables recruiters to capture and import all LinkedIn profiles
    from LinkedIn search results into Excel with a single click!
    There is no programming to do. This tool can be given to admins
    and others to help create an initial database of prospects.

    The tool automatically opens each individual profile and imports
    every attribute from the LinkedIn profile into a column in Excel.
    All formatting is automatically and professionally handled.

    Recruiters can quickly shortlist candidates and forward the Excel
    list to hiring managers. Links within Excel allow hiring managers
    to directly access resume. This is a real time saver!

    For more information, please visit

    Ravel Lee
    Business Development Associate, eGrabber.com
    Developers of resume sourcing tools for 12+ years

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