When You’d Like To Leave LinkedIn

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Wave GoodbyeYes, it’s almost sacrilegious – but there are people who’ve tried LinkedIn and decided it wasn’t for them.

I give them kudos over the people that haven’t tried LinkedIn. (or worse – who are waiting to lose their job before they “bother”…)

But this group can be vocal – they want out, and they want out now.

So I’ve written about the subject – several times.

Can we just say goodby?

Apparently not very easily…

It seems LinkedIn may have not followed through on its side of things – by continuing to send emails of different sorts.

And think about it – friends still know the hopefully ex-member, and when they send invitations to connect, what’s LinkedIn to do?

So start here when you’d like LinkedIn to stop bothering you;-)

Understand the system first

If you take the time to read my articles, you might find out that I’m actually trying to make sure users don’t want to leave for reasons that shouldn’t exist.

The most common is the “all those annoying emails” – and the response is that each LinkedIn user can effectively control how different types of messages come through. (If they only knew how to) So let’s start with education about how that all works so users can make informed choices.

But you probably get that already…

To your continued success,


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  1. I had joined Linked In but did not use it much for making connections. I joined just to know how it actually works. But now I am not using it any longer. Sometimes I feel it is good to use it as it provides a platform where you can meet professionals.

  2. LinkedIn is a networking site for business professionals. It allows you to extend the connections you have. You build up a contact network of people/professionals that you know, which then allows you to see their network. This can allow you introduce yourself to people that your connections know.

  3. Do you know if it’s easier to find a job in the US through LinkedIn if you’re in Europe? I know if you want to work in the US a company must be willing to sponsor you but do you know if it’s easier to find one of those companies on LinkedIn?

  4. Erica,

    If by finding a job you mean finding a job with a company that has a connection to someone that you know and trust and is willing to introduce you, yes.

    If you mean “randomly contact companies and hope they’ll hire you”, no;-)

    But the great part about LinkedIn is that you can target the companies you’d like to work for and find out if you have that connection. (and if you don’t, you can build relationships with people to create that connection)

    Best of luck,

  5. Hi Steven,

    Linkedin is a great way to be noticed. I think if a user knows how to used this tool he or she will never think of leaving the site.

  6. I always find it kind of funny and amazing how many people post questions in the Q&A Using LinkedIn category asking how to remove themselves from the site — or worse, asking to be removed. I really didn’t think it was that complicated!

  7. Scott,

    Yes – at leas the people leaving comments aren’t asking me;-)

    Yes, every once in a while some user asks me to get them off the system – thinking that I must have some superior knowledge or connections…

    The one odd part was when a user said they followed the rules, but were still harassed by LinkedIn – not sure why it didn’t “work” there.

    (And of course, the “remove a connection” link is invisible until you point it out to people;-)

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