What I Like Most About LinkedIn

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I recently connected with a gentleman, Mark, who sent this email:  “Lori, please accept my genuine thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn.  What do you like the most about LinkedIn?”

Others have asked the same question in person, but I’ve never had the opportunity to put it in writing before. So here’s my response:

I love connecting with people and am always open to starting new relationships with interested people, particularly when we have synergy and can find ways to help each other. What I like most about LinkedIn is its ability to enhance relationships with people that might otherwise dwindle.  Because we get to share so much more self-information than we otherwise would in a networking environment, it really supercharges conversations.  We don’t put in our own real time decisions about whether or not a person we are talking to would be interested in one tidbit or another about us. When we populate our profile, we include what we feel is important and the reader can then judge for themselves what they find of interest.

The lesson here is to complete your profile with everything you might want to tell someone. Show some character, include some personal tidbits, be as real a person online as you are off. You will be glad you did!

Rock On!

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  1. “What I like most about LinkedIn is its ability to enhance relationships with people that might otherwise dwindle”

    LinkedIn is a great way to create connections in your industry, that help you in a variety of ways. In particular, it’s a good place for references since most people in your network are people you actually know. It’s all about building a network before you need it—making it easier to stay in touch, searching for those with the right interests and needs, and communicating for a variety of reasons.

  2. What I like most about LinkedIn is the ability to meet people from all different backgrounds and professions that I wouldn’t be able to ordinarily meet under different circumstances. For ex: I was able to introduce a friend to another friend of mine on LinkedIn, and as a result he landed a job within his company. I also learned a few job hunting and resume tips from several friends on LinkedIn. Like they say, “If you’re not plugged in, you’re not going to win”.

  3. I would like to say Networking is my most-liked feature of LinkedIn. I like meeting so many different people and we can learn from each one a different thing. I also find it useful to use LinkedIn as a CRM tool (customer relationship management). Several sections of LinkedIn that I use most often; such as, the Answers section, following companies, and connecting with customers. LinkedIn has become an extremely valuable tool in my career and professional life. It is one of my Pinned Tabs in FireFox!

  4. I have a LinkedIn account but I have yet to maximize the potential of having one. Now that I read your post, I will take time to explore to connect with other people. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing all this cool information about linkedin. I’m still a new user and I’m still learning new features every day. I like LinkedIn most because of the professional attitude around there.

  6. I am actually very new to linkenin, this a very good network site for professionals. I love connecting with people and am always open to new challenges.

  7. It is no surprise for me that LinkedIn is well known. A lot of people who are active in social network are joining the fun. It is great that LinkedIn allows us to let others know who we are. You’re right about filling information in our profile the best describes us Lori. This will attract people that we can better relate.

  8. Using linked in for several years has proven to be mostly beneficial. The most useful feature is connecting with people who you have lost touch with and are happy to reconnect for both personal and business reasons.

  9. I have to admit I’m the last person to know about this LinkedIn thingy. I’m so not updated anymore. I think I should try that too.

  10. Hey Allen yes it is well know the LINKEDIN in internet market and the information is very informative.i also learn some technique how to find a job as a freelancer,i am glad that i found the right in doing a research.Thanks!

  11. I am partial to the networking functionality, as your network is one of the major success facilitators. It is essential to build your career.
    On the lighter side, I’ve managed to connect with some old friends using it also.

  12. I really like linkedIn because of its capacity to enrich connections among individuals that may have lost contact with one another. Due to its conducive networking environment, more personal information is shared.

  13. I noticed you haven’t posted in awhile, but I wanted to know about your thoughts on how Google’s new social network (GooglePlus) will affect LinkedIn? Do you think the two entities will remain separate or will be direct competitors in the future?

    • Great question! I’m embracing Google+ but not as openly as the other platforms. It seems like something that could get out of hand quickly so I’m choosing to maintain a tighter knit of circles. I know having a large broad network will open up my platform, but I’ want to try this both ways. We’ll see what happens. Watch for updated posts soon.

  14. hey I do believe with ninja, I know I had a lot of information on linkedin. I feel this will really help in building the professional information as well. Linkedin is also really very helpful I sharing a rich media technics also.

  15. I’ve had a LinkedIn account for years but never really used it much. I’m not very good at networking in person but still didn’t really grasp just how valuable it is as an online networking tool. Going to update my profile now.
    And I’d love to hear what you have to say about Google+ but… I’m not currently invited to the party and I hate missing out!

  16. @United Way in my opinion Google+ may not affect LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is more of professional and aspect of social media. There a lot of difference between the two and I also thinks that its really quite to early to know if Google+ can affect LinkedIn or other Social media at this point.

  17. I am all for being true online as you are offline, but the problem starts when people start invading your privacy. You don’y know and you can’t control (although you might want to believe that you can) where these websites are storing all of your information. One wrong move and you might be suffering from privacy invasion that would’t have happened if you didn’t share your profile in the first place. =( It happened to me in the past, that’s why i am a bit wary now.

  18. Linkedin seems to help people to connect with other members. But I didn’t know how important it is to start new relationship with interesting people. I haven’t tried using Linkedin before since I was afraid of sharing private information. Perhaps I should check out Linkedin and try to discover how it will contribute my career. Thanks for the interesting article.

  19. I’ve never really had the incentive to look into LinkedIn, though I know some of my friends do have a profile on LinkedIn. But then again, I was never really much into facebook either… I guess I just prefer personal communication over online communication.

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