Warning: Job Scams on LinkedIn (Just Like Everywhere Else)

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835548_internet_fraud I know that we’d all like to think that LinkedIn is populated with people who know and trust each other, but any time you make a vehicle for communicating with several million people for free, you’re bound to have a few bad apples. It seems that a common payment transfer job scam, this particular one propagated by “H & S International Limited” (see a Google search on the scam reports) has made its way onto LinkedIn. Here’s an image, as the link will probably be broken by the time you read this:


Just be careful. If you’re currently in the job market, be sure to follow these Critical Tips for Job Seekers to Avoid Job Scams.

Hat tip to Wendy Van Vechten for spotting and reporting this.

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  1. I suspect we will see this more and more on LinkedIn and elsewhere. This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, there was an article that suggested “Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace that were once exclusively for social purposes are now increasingly being used for recruitment — and that will blossom even more this year. Employers are using these sites to promote their job openings, their corporate cultures and even their benefits all in an effort to encourage you to apply.”

    First of all, I realize that Linked in wasn’t used exclusively for social purposes. Let’s move beyond the obvious . . .

    Many corporations and recruiters use these sites, but are the sites accomplishing anything for those seeking jobs? In other words, corporations spend loads of money elsewhere promoting their brand to potential customers and employees, are these sites just another venue? Are they effective? And, what does the individual job-seeker get from all this?


  2. I was looking for a Personal Assistant position in the Denver area. The scam came from ZBT, LTD, advertising for a part time personal assistant.

  3. I have come close a number of times, for falling for these scams. The internet has really become a mine field that is getting more and more difficult to navigate.

  4. At one point, I did assume that LinkedIn would be a safer forum, but of course, as long as there is an opportunity, scammers and spammers will take full advantage.

  5. The ‘critical tips’ is exactly what the title says, a list of the biggest things to avoid. However, scammers are smarter these days, and will even allow you to work for a bit, setting up a trusting relationship, before tricking you out of your money.

  6. Anytime a site becomes popular the scammers will move in quickly. I think Linkedin has done a decent job keeping a lot out. But don’t be fooled. They are still there. We are still responsible for doing our due diligence and tips like these definitely help.

    – J

  7. Oh yeah, this is only getting worse, as a lot of retirees re-enter the job market. They have had long time careers with a single company and are super vulnerable and get sucked in believing these ploys are common practice, too afraid to ask for fear of looking stupid or out of touch.

    Ask me, I know. But never again.

  8. This is a real salutary warning. I have been using LinkedIn for several years and found it wonderful to keep in touch with previous work colleagues. I guess like most users I thought such a professional site would be untouched by the kind of scam you described. Horror!

  9. I´ve read somewhere in the web that social networking sites are now the top phishing target so we have to be carefull and always watch where the URL is going.

  10. It’s true – I heard a while back that they were in fact targeting LinkedIn because people perceive it’s just for ‘professionals’ – and is therefore trustworthy. Not the case.

  11. I’m not sure why this should deter people from researching and considering offers. This scam is an old old one and has been on the internet for a decade. Just never send anyone money until you’ve checked it out and that stops it.

  12. I think Jamison said it best: “I think Linkedin has done a decent job keeping a lot out. But don’t be fooled.” LinkedIn has a lot of quality but there are a lot of devious minds out there trying to game it . . . just like everywhere else on the internet.


  13. Hello,
    My name is Johnson Doyle Vincent Jr. I have been scammed by someone on LinkedIn. I have been looking for employment everywhere and everywhere. I was the Vice President of Marketing for a company called Pharmatech Services in Odessa Florida. My boss and I decided to sell the company in Jan. and the new owner Mr Jon Jennings from Chicago seemed to be wanting to do things the right way. All of that changed however when the Board of Pharmacies came in on March 1st and shut him down for not get a permit required by them. So say the lest here I am with know Job. I raise my 14 year old son and I just got Married on the 23rd of March. I applied for re-employment in the beginning on April and then My new wife had a seizure. I accepted a job offer off LinkedIn were I was supposed to buy land for the Inpex Corporation here in the states and Canada. Now my bank account is in the red by about $7,500 I don’t have a job and I am not getting anywhere with my wifes condition. I reported this issue to LinkedIn by email and have not received any response. The ways of the world suck people only want to help themselves and don’t understand the pain of others. More people in this world need to stop being so greedy. All I wanted was a way to support my family. I now have no idea what is going to happen. God bless to all of you that truly want to live in a better world with Jesus Christ as your Savior.

    • Very sorry to hear your story, Johnson. There’s not going to be much, if anything, that LinkedIn can do about it. They’re not responsible for the behavior of people who use their platform — due diligence on any business deal is up to you. This sounds like something you need to take up with an attorney.

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