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845262_31174035 In a recent post on MLPF, new author Teresa Holler asked the question:

How Can I Use My Network to Promote my Book?

Hello everyone,
I am relatively new to Linked In and to using groups. I am getting ready to launch “Holler for Your Health: Be the Key to a Healthy Family” and would LOVE to use my LinkedIn network to get the word out, but have no idea how to do this. Any tips?

Vincent Wright jumped right in with some great practical suggestions, but I took a different tack with it:

I’ll add one more – get rid of the phrase “use my LinkedIn network”. This may sound like nitpicking, but I think it’s actually very important in terms of mindset.

While it is “your network”, remember that they are also real people, and people don’t like to be “used”. If you approach it as “using” your network, you’re coming from a mindset that will be counter-productive. Simply changing that one verb can help you change how you approach the task. For example, I would recommend:

– How can I reach out to my network…?
– How can I enlist the assistance of my network…?
– How can I be of service to my network (in a way that also increases awareness of my book)?
– How can I spread the word within my network…?

My $0.02…

It’s so easy to forget that these are real people we’re dealing with, who have real feelings, and don’t like being treated like a number. And even if our intentions are in the right place, sometimes just the subtle language choices we make, such as “use my LinkedIn network”, communicate a message that’s not consistent with our intentions.

When building relationships online, think of your words just as you would your physical appearance when going to a face-to-face event. Just as you wouldn’t rush out the door to an event and show up with uncombed hair or unbrushed teeth, slow down a little when you write and think about the implications of the words you choose.

Fortunately, my response really resonated with Teresa:

That actually makes things much easier for me. You see, I haven’t got a sales bone in my body and I am extremely uncomfortable with the thought of “selling” my book. When I reconnect with my reason for writing “Holler for Your Health” (Or Holla, for Vincent 🙂 ) it is because I truly hope to improve people’s health. So, now you have made me realize that I am not selling a book, I am sharing valuable information with people. For the first time, I actually feel comfortable with the thought of approaching others about it!!

Sometimes the best solution is to re-frame the problem. 🙂

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