Understanding your LinkedIn Network Standing

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LinkedIn can be a bit competitive, especially for these that are truly building large networks: networks full of business prospects. This is a question my Partner, Mike O’Neil and I get asked all the time, and it’s part of our Integrated Alliances LinkedIn Network Building Training Program.

“How do I know where I stand with others on LinkedIn, particularly in the area where I live and do business?”

If you have a basic understanding of LinkedIn Advanced searching it will be pretty simple.  If you have a small- or medium-sized network, you are not asking this question yet but the information here is still very useful.

NOTE: while LinkedIn likes to use regions in many areas (e.g. Greater Denver Area), they also like to use Zip Codes.  In this case, we are talking Zip Codes.

I will use Colorado in the example, but it works for all areas – some easier than others.

  1. Find the Advanced Search Screen
  • There is a link to it in the upper right corner of your screen to the right of the People search box.
  • If you don’t see “Advanced”, make sure your search option says “People”.
  1. Enter the main zip code for your region.  In Denver this is 80202.
  2. Select the proper ‘radius” for your area.
  • In Denver it is 75 or 100 miles to hit Colorado.
  • In San Francisco this might be 10 miles; in the Greater Minneapolis area, 75 is better.
  1. Don’t enter anything else in any boxes!
  2. Scroll to the bottom and in the Sort By box, select “Connections”.

The Search Results shows those in order of first degree connection network size in the defined region.

Network Building Tip

★Invite the top 100 or more that you find.

★Send a nice message that congratulates them on their networking success.

★Mention something noteworthy from their profile.

★Leave them with an open ended question


It begs a question

How does one know this list is correct?  Well, it’s a tiny but relative question.  If you connect to even “some” of the top people in this region, you will get an accurate result.  The top people are all pretty much interconnected. And they connect to other people in their region, industry, focus area… Are you starting to see how this strategy will help you build a stronger network in your region, industry, focus area if you connect to the top connectors?

Here it is in action:

We are hosting the 9th Annual Holiday Party in Denver on Tues., Nov. 29.  (www.DenverHolidayParty.com)

Mike did this search and invited the top 100 people that he was connected to in the 80202 Region with a 75 mile Radius.

He sent a message to each that we will be honoring them at a Free Holiday Party that will draw 500+ to see a live band and cool attractions like an aerialist, a charcoal artist painting Steve Jobs and the most LinkedIn-connected audience ever assembled in Colorado.


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