Tips from The LinkedIn Rockstars: Top Ten Annoying Behaviors of People on LinkedIn – Number 4

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I once had a conversation at a networking event where I asked the person if they were on LinkedIn. I said I’d send an invitation from my phone to make sure we could stay in touch. He said “Great! You can learn all about me from my profile!”The conversation was short and we didn’t exchange cards,

but I didn’t mind because I knew I could look him up again.

The next day when I arrived at work, I went onto LinkedIn to make sure I sent a personal note to everyone I had connected with the night before. When I came to this guy’s profile, I was a bit stunned that there was nothing but a fairly blank profile staring back at me from the screen.

Personal Information Phone/Address only show to your Direct ConnectionsI wouldn’t have been as surprised if he hadn’t thought I could “learn all about him.” I guess I was hoping for more than his industry and location. I searched for his name again thinking he might have had more than one profile but to no avail. There wasn’t any contact on his profile either, but we were connected to I sent him a message asking him to connect for a follow up meeting.

I never heard back; until months later when we ran across each other again. He asked why I never followed up but I explained that I did indeed send him a message from LinkedIn. He replied that he didn’t check LinkedIn; I should have sent him a regular email. (Are you starting to get the picture?) We never exchanged business cards because he said he was on LinkedIn. He said I could follow-up with him there but he had no contact info listed, had the messages delivered online only, and didn’t check it

How much are you making your prospects hunt and search for you? In this day of social media and 24/7 access, perhaps we’re spoiled. But I’m going to take a stab and say anyone who doesn’t tell their prospects how to get ahold of them don’t do much business.

Are you on LinkedIn? Are you telling people that? Then make sure you visit at least once a week; and, include contact info (Who, Why, When and How) on your profile. While we’re at it, if you tell people you’re on LinkedIn, make sure you look as dressed up and ready for business there as you do in public. Need help? We’ve set up complimentary instructor-led video training available just like the internet is: online 24/7/365. Register now at Let us know what you think.

You’ll have access to the training as well as other resources like books, ebooks, worksheets and more, even three full-length webinars: LinkedIn for Job Seekers, for Recruiters, and for Event Networkers. I wish I could have invited my almost friend to watch it before he so completely lost the sale. Are you willing to be available for your clients? Visit Rock LinkedIn dot com now to make sure you are.



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  1. That’s a weird story! I bet he was just a wannabe who didn’t want to look like a loser in front of people and just used LinkedIn as a cover. 😉 Anybody who does something like this lose their credibility and I wouldn’t be interested in doing business with them after finding out.

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