LinkedIn 101

I’m Open, But I’m Not THAT Open

I’ve recently become much more open about accepting connections on LinkedIn…I’ve become a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker). That said, there are a few things that I’ve come across as I’ve become more open that I find problematic. […]

LinkedIn News

You Need To Update Your LinkedIn Company Page NOW

LinkedIn has rolled out changes to company listings – and if you’ve created a LinkedIn Company Page and don’t update yours right away, you’ll leave a bit of embarrassing data online. Lets have a look at what […]

LinkedIn 101

More Credibility with Endorsements

LinkedIn is making it easier for us to recognize members of our network for their skills and expertise with the rollout of one-click Endorsements. We can now endorse the skills that are connections have listed on their profiles, or even recommend one that’s not listed there yet. […]

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Q&A of the Day: “So I lost 40 pounds…”

It’s a funny question, but a legitimate one. Being in the weight loss process myself at the moment (20 pounds so far), I can definitely relate. The sad reality is that prejudice against overweight people not only exists, it’s widespread and socially acceptable. […]

LinkedIn Humor

I’m SOO… Connected!

While I’ve personally softened my stance regarding mega-connecting as a strategy, a lot of people are still unimpressed by it. […]

LinkedIn Tools

Review of LinkedIn App: Here on Biz

Here on Biz is a mobile app that connects to a person’s LinkedIn account, giving them instant visibility into professionals around them. Think of it as Foursquare for business, but much more useful and applicable to active LinkedIn users. […]