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Using LinkedIn

The Top 10 Messages You’re Really Sending

Sometimes it takes the perspective of the outsider to see what’s really going on… You walk though the front door every day, and so the stained and faded appearance is neither new nor unusual. In […]

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LinkedIn Humor

How to Really Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

The Hartford Courant reports: The publically owned [Green Bay] Packers, who want to raise money for renovations at Lambeau Field, are considering a stock sale. For roughly $200 a share, you can vote, attend stockholder […]

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LinkedIn Privacy & Safety

Leaky LinkedIn – HP Exec Shares a Little Too Much

It seems a less-than-circumspect HP executive let a little too much show on his LinkedIn profile: Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) Vice President Scott McClellan gave away more than his job status when he mentioned the computer […]