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LinkedIn Q&A of the Day: “So I lost 40 pounds…”

It’s a funny question, but a legitimate one. Being in the weight loss process myself at the moment (20 pounds so far), I can definitely relate. The sad reality is that prejudice against overweight people not only exists, it’s widespread and socially acceptable. […]

LinkedIn Success Stories

The $5,000 Profile Update

My friend Jefre Outlaw shared with me a great LinkedIn anecdote about the importance of keeping your profile up-to-date. Jefre is a many of many talents, with a diverse array of business interests and experience. […]

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Nothing But Your Name, Please

I originally wrote about this issue back in 2007, and while LinkedIn has occasionally (and inconsistently) manually cracked down on this practice, 5 years later they still haven’t really done much to curb it.  It’s […]

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Using LinkedIn

How NOT to Use LinkedIn for SEO

This is from the Linked Intelligence archives, originally published 3/20/2009. I’m republishing it because I saw a couple of profiles today that were darn near this bad. Some people never learn! Some search engine optimization […]