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Understanding your LinkedIn Network Standing

LinkedIn can be a bit competitive, especially for these that are truly building large networks: networks full of business prospects. This is a question my Partner, Mike O’Neil and I get asked all the time, and it’s part of our Integrated Alliances LinkedIn Network Building Training Program.

“How do I know where I stand with others on LinkedIn, particularly in the area where I live and do business?” […]

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Proper Etiquette for LinkedIn Invitations and Messages

As we begin to use the internet and social media more and more often for business purposes, it becomes increasingly important to remember that etiquette applies to the internet world as well as the real.

I recently received an email from a colleague asking to connect on LinkedIn…

…the problem was he sent the same email to about one hundred different people, and included us all in the ‘to’ box!

Whenever you send an email to large groups of people, it is important to remember to use the ‘bcc’ (blind carbon copy) function. When you include… […]

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What I Like Most About LinkedIn

I recently connected with a gentleman, Mark, who sent this email:  “Lori, please accept my genuine thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn.  What do you like the most about LinkedIn?” Others have asked the […]