LinkedIn Open Networkers (LION)

RE: your connection – how do you keep up?

I received a question from a connection that I frequently receive, so I thought I’d share the question and my answer here: LinkedIn John … has sent you a message. Date: 1/04/2013 Subject: your connection […]

LinkedIn Humor

I’m SOO… Connected!

While I’ve personally softened my stance regarding mega-connecting as a strategy, a lot of people are still unimpressed by it. […]

LinkedIn Privacy & Safety

Loose LinkedIn Connections Sink Security

Sure, this is a shameless takeoff on “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, but hopefully you’ll forgive me – because the saying makes sense. And if wartime talk could leak secrets to the enemy, peace time posting […]

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Using LinkedIn

Imaginary LinkedIn Connections

Just this week I received yet another invitation from someone I didn’t know. I don’t get that many, so I do check them out – by following through to see the profile behind the request. […]