Social Networking Sites Make Collaboration Easy

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The meterioric growth of Social Media in a down economy has made one previously underused tool of the business world easier and more effective than ever before. I’m talking about virtual teams collaborating on mutually beneficial projects.

For example, I know people who have created video projects, beneficial for the business owner and the production team, both for their marketing efforts. Another example is guest posting on blogs and in books (i.e., Scott Allen and dozens of other authentic social media masters contributed to our latest book). Also, small-to-mid sized companies who share a common target market coming together to offer more value for each of their customers. The list of examples could go on and on.

The ability of people to find like-minded and similarly passionate people who would be a great fit for projects like these is greatly enhanced by platforms such as LinkedIn, facebook and Twitter. People ask why they should connect to people they don’t know?  I say connect to people you know and those who you want to get to know. Then work on the relationships.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, most people are very busy. With a minute amount of effort, you can make enough of a difference in people’s lives that they will want to make a difference in yours as well.

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  1. “like-minded and similarly passionate people”

    This is what I always try to explain to people when they dismiss Facebook and LinkedIn as a waste of time.

  2. Hey There Linkedintelligence,
    I take your point Let’s face it, it’s challenging to absorb the ‘know how’ and pros of social networking sites without feeling overwhelmed and getting everything in a systematic fashion.
    Catch you again soon!

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