RE: your connection – how do you keep up?

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I received a question from a connection that I frequently receive, so I thought I’d share the question and my answer here:


John … has sent you a message.

Date: 1/04/2013

Subject: your connection – how do you keep up?

Hi Lori – I’ve seen you consistently adding more and more people to your connections. I wonder…do you know all these folks or do you just add anyone who asks so that people see what you are up to? I connected with you because I think you have content of interest. In the world of LinkedIn – does anyone really have to know anyone else well, or is the importance on gaining connections to gain opportunities the main focus?



Hey John!

Great question. Our methodology is described on, but in summary, my method was to ask “why not” when people reached out to me on LinkedIn. After all, I don’t know what value someone might bring to me and my network until I have a chance to get to know them better. Like you said: “I connected with you because I think you have content of interest.” So whether I connect or not, I always try to respond with a little about who I am and how I help people.

Now that my network is full, always hovering at 30,000 people, I have to be much more particular. So, I tend to accept people who I think, based on a cursory glance of their profile or because of their custom invitation, I may be able to do business with. I know this methodology dilutes the social graph but I find it much more powerful for me as a revenue producer to ask “why not” instead of “why”.

In the end, I try not to judge people who reach out to shake my hand. I wouldn’t ignore them if they were standing right in front of me, I try not to ignore them online.

Hope that helps!

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    • Thanks Linda! Everyone has to decide what kind of network building is right for them. But I always encourage people to choose what’s comfortable for them. For example, are you attending networking events to connect to new people who might need your services? I’d reach out to those people on LinkedIn to start and enhance your relationship with them. After all, people do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s easier to know, like and trust people when you know more about them, i.e., reading their LinkedIn profile.

      I encourage you to visit and register for (a basic membership is free) and view the instructor-led lessons about network building strategies and how-tos. Stay in touch and let me know how I can help you reach your goals this year. I’m very grateful for your comments!

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