Post Updates to LinkedIn and 16 Others in One Place

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hellotxt-l LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter — all of them seem to want to know what I’m doing at the moment, but I can’t even imagine trying to update them all individually.

Enter HelloTxt, a client for all your microblogging platforms. It supports all the sites listed above, plus Pownce, Bebo, Jaiku, hi5, Plaxo, Tumblr and a bunch more I’ve never even heard of. And it’s free!

The user interface is incredibly simple. Your dashboard is a posting form with your default services checked (you can uncheck them if you don’t want to post a given message to a particular service). It also shows your recent posting history:


Another screen lets you input your account information for the various services and determine which ones are checked by default when you post:


There’s also a timeline screen which serves as a client for some of the services. It doesn’t support LinkedIn yet, though, Facebook is “coming soon” and with it being a static HTML page, it’s not a very functional Twitter client (I use Twhirl myself).

This is yet another small piece of the “social networking client” we envision in The Emergence of The Relationship Economy. Combine this with FriendFeed, Quotably (but across multiple platforms), a profile aggregator and an Ajax-based personalized home page, and now you’re talking about something really compelling. I just want them all in one neatly integrated service.

In the meantime, HelloTxt is a new essential in my toolkit.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    I have been using HelloTxt since the minute that I read your post on April 8! I loved using it through the Facebook application for the easiest access. Unfortunately, it stopped working last week. Now I have to go to the website which is not as convenient, but better than beofre HelloTxt!

    Thanks for all the wonderful information that you provide.

    I am now interviewing guest by videoconference using’s software. I love it. You can get great quality video and SAVE it to an .avi file, and it is FREE.

    I would love to interview you by webcam for my videocasts, and then on my blogtalkradio show. Will you PLEASE be my guest???



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