New LinkedIn Profile Maps Your Network

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LinkedIn has recently made changes, and one of them is a new LinkedIn profile style.
LinkedIn is making it easier for us to network by simplifying the look of our profile and showing us our networks visually – almost like an infographic.

For example, I can now see how many people are in my network by the company they’re with. I can also see my network from the perspective of schools, location, and industry. To see this, scroll down and look on the right side of your new profile until you see “Your Network”. I see a group of circles – a large circle surrounded by small circles. I see that a large number of my connections are in one specific industry. Before I saw this visual view of my network, I wasn’t aware that I was connected to so many people in one industry.

How does that help me network? Networking, and especially LinkedIn, is all about building relationships with people who can mutually help each other reach our goals. Rather than being connected “accidentally” and using LinkedIn in a random way for networking, I can be more strategic.

I was surprised to find that I’m connected with so many people in Human Resources. How does this make it easier to network? That’s easy. Someone in my network contacted me two days ago. She’s a speaker, and wants to talk with people in Human Resources about the workshops she gives. Before this new profile and in-depth view of my network, it would have taken a great deal of thought to think of who I knew in HR.

Now, I go immediately to my profile, look at my network infographic, and click the industry view. That way I know for sure that I know people in HR. Then I do it Advanced search and put Human Resources and my zip code in, since my colleague is looking for speaking engagements here in New York. I can also choose to filter the search to my first-level connections. When the search results come up, I can easily introduce my colleague to the people who can help her.

Look at your new profile and see what you learn about your network.

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  1. The view in to your own network is not really new – you could already pull all of that information from the People:Advanced Search screen and results; search for your 1st degree contacts, then on the results you could see the top 5 as filters in the left hand column.

    What is new is that LinkedIn has put it on your profile for others to see – so while I may have a network that consists of companies X, Y, and Z, it may be more interesting for me to see that YOU are highly tied to A, B, and C.

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