Loose LinkedIn Connections Sink Security

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linkedin-securitySure, this is a shameless takeoff on “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, but hopefully you’ll forgive me – because the saying makes sense.

And if wartime talk could leak secrets to the enemy, peace time posting can spread information to the social criminal.

Those shark infested waters

The wonderful thing about small-town america is that you know your neighbors, right?

Sure, you have to lock the doors at night, and be wary of the traveling salesmen, but both the potential loss and probable risks are small.

But then the criminals find out – and there goes the neighborhood.

Trolling for information on LinkedIn

The very first commandment is this – everything you place on your profile is going to be seen by everyone!

(Over on the LinkedIn Personal Trainer blog I’ve previously dealt with “super-sekrit” information;-))

So just don’t do it.

Indiscriminate connections

Two summers ago I exposed the myths of indiscriminately connecting – includeing the bit about updates being seen by more people.

So what happens when you connect to people indiscriminately – and you happen to make updates about your life.

Think that might work against you?

CNN Money says so…

Yup – people that want to hack into your life – for any number of reasons – will look to connect to your Linkedin account and spy on you, your activity, and your intentions.

But hey – if you’re a fake and only use LinkedIn as a promotional tool, never connect to people you really trust, and never reveal anything on the site – you’ve got nothing to worry about;-)

Safety first

Well – I was sure I’d be able to make a nice cultural link with that line, but the web is failing me – the saying is a common one, but other than linking it to an Itchy and Scratchy reference, I’ve got nothing…

Your virtual safety should come first – there’s no reason to try to benefit from an online system if doing so causes you to lose your identity!

Anyway – connecting to people you know and trust – it’s a safer bet; and that’s why I recommend it.

To your continued success,


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