1. Scott

    Are you serious, did you really post this as an Aprils Fool joke? Your site claims “Linked Intelligence is the smart source for all things LinkedIn™ – tips, strategies, news and more. Linked Intelligence is an independent publication but maintains a working relationship with LinkedIn Corporation.”

    Why would you risk that for a temporary laugh?

  2. Padraigh – absolutely, it’s an April Fool’s joke. People take this stuff much too seriously — it’s good to have a laugh about things every once in a while. And like all good satire, it was just almost believable. The last two paragraphs should have been a dead giveaway though.

    And I don’t know about all the folks at LinkedIn, but at least one person at LinkedIn got a chuckle out of it. That third comment above is a pingback from Adam Nash, Sr. Director of Product & Engineering at LinkedIn, who on his blog called this the “funniest April Fools Day joke so far.”

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