LinkedIn Reaches 10 Million Users

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653305_ten.jpgLinkedIn issued a press release yesterday announcing that they have finally topped the 10 million member mark. According to the release:

The LinkedIn network is currently growing at a rate of over 130,000 members a week, with 14 new members joining each minute.

With 10 million members, the LinkedIn network is already bigger than the entire professional population of Australia, and the figure exceeds the combined circulations of Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Money, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal.

Even if you discount that number slightly, that’s a substantial collection of businesspeople all using one tool. It does beg the question, though, as to how many people are actually using it. While I know Alexa’s traffic rankings aren’t entirely scientific, take a look at the past year — it’s pretty much flat. That does make me suspicious that while the total user base is growing, the number of active users may be remaining fairly constant.

Of course, even if they don’t become highly active, the user base continuing to grow is a good thing. That’s more people reachable in the tool and with the potential to become more engaged through connection invitations and forwarding requests. It’s still the largest opt-in searchable database of businesspeople available, and while that’s certainly not its only value, there is significant value in that alone.

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  1. Hey congrats to linked in and as for what you wrote about “that’s a substantial collection of businesspeople all using one tool.”
    it sure is and its real impresive but what do you think is the actual best tool out there?

    • I think LinkedIn has done an excellent job of both maintaining a completely business focus and attracting businesspeople to use it. For a business-to-business tool, I think it’s the clear leader, even with its shortcomings. If you’re trying to reach consumers, though, Facebook and Twitter may be more appropriate.

  2. LinkedIn has been responsible for numerous business contacts I’ve made over the past few years. Where else can you find now well over 10 million people where any kind of relationship will be mutually beneficial?

    – C

  3. Scott, you say that ‘if you’re trying to reach consumers though Twitter and Facebook may be more appropriate’. I would like to suggest that the line is not as clear cut as to use LinkedIn for business and other social networking sites to attract customers. Considering the emerging tendency for users to leave Facebook and Twitter, and concerns about the publication of too much personal information on such sites leading to identity theft, LinkedIn could provide a more trustable medium over which users could share information. Its credentials as an effective business tool could even succeed in attracting more social users who wish to interact over a more secure platform. I am not saying that Facebook and Twitter will not retain their powerful online presence, only that users of social media are becoming more informed about options available to them on the internet.

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