LinkedIn Observes the Rise of Professional Ninjas

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From The LinkedIn Blog:

Between 2002 and 2007, we have noticed a surge in the percentage of job titles that include the term “ninja”. Modern day ninjas are not experts in martial arts or stealth soldiers – today they are more likely to throw Java exceptions rather than steel stars. Other ninjas come from the social media, computing and design sectors. Professionals in customer service, advertising and finance have their share of ninjas too; for example, check out real life Investing Ninja Assassin Ann Miura-Ko.

How much has the job title “ninja” grown? The attached global “ninja” chart shows the percentage of people starting “ninja” jobs relative to all LinkedIn members who started a job year. This allows us to make meaningful year- to-year comparisons and discover interesting labor market movements.

More at LinkedIn Observes The Rise of Professional Ninjas!

I have to wonder how many of those ninjas are self-employed, or founders of a company of one. Are companies actually seriously handing out “Ninja” as a title? Fad, not trend.

Just in case you should want to hire a ninja, here’s some advice on doing so:

Image credit: Seth W.

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  1. Funny you bring this up. I see “Ninja” everywhere. People refering to themselves, and especially titles of ebooks about Ninja methods to ….

    It can be overdone, but in the right context it helps you understand that these are super powerful/successful people and tricks. LOL.

  2. IS this for real? I mean, what’s this thing about naming “ninjas”? I know a little about social media but have not heard of employing “ninjas”. Well, maybe that’s why they are called that – stealth mode.

  3. Funny video! That’s true it seems there are now Ninjas everywhere, it seems to be the word for “underground expert that has deadly skills and knows the dark tricks of the industry”.

  4. Ninja – the new sales buzzword.

    “Ninja tactics” and “Ninja secrets”.

    My new ebook will be titled Ninja Tactics To Extract Ninja Secrets From Ninja Marketers.

    – J

  5. Haha, I agree with Jeannie, ‘Ninja’ has become one of the sales words to use along with ‘secret’ ‘underground’ ‘formula’ etc basically to make people think they are buying something so special they would be foolish to miss out on it – “wow, I could be as knowledgable as a ninja in 10 minutes time” lol

  6. Yes, the term is getting oversaturated, and sometimes over the top for people and tricks one can employ on the internet.

    How about just getting back to the basics, which work and won’t trick people into paying money for things that may not work.

  7. As a mesothelioma attorney, you wouldn’t think there would be much room for funny business in my office, but we do tend to throw the term “ninja” around quite often. Sometimes, it’s when someone takes a lunch break and returns to the office without anyone noticing. Other times, it’s when someone does something really awesome that helps our business, or wins a case. I’ve found that in the office environment, calling some a ninja is basically a compliment that can take any contextual form.

  8. Can’t say I’ve seen a lot of ‘Ninja Wanted’ ads either.
    But companies often try to appeal to the younger crowd when they’re looking for new recruits…

  9. I love the Ninja concept, so true that there are so many ninjas exists now and they probably somewhere in the internet and probably companies do. Funny but true.

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