LinkedIn Connections 1-19-2008

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Educational Value of Social Media

Adam Metz presents the value proposition for social media for educators and some tips for how early adopters can “sell it” to their team. Interesting factoid regarding LinkedIn:

“Education management is one of the top five fastest growing segments on our network,” said LinkedIn’s director of corporate communications, Kay Luo. The “education management” category includes classroom teachers.

Has LinkedIn Lost Its Soul to Growth?

Silicon Valley’s favorite insider gossip rag Valleywag has an insider’s first-hand account of some goings-on at LinkedIn, “and it’s not pretty.” You can read the details for yourself, but in summary:

By concentrating on growth, and only growth, LinkedIN has exploded to almost three hundred employees in the last year. […] This means that LinkedIN is undergoing an identity crisis internally. Deathly afraid of looking weak, or having made the wrong decision, upper management has closed ranks, ruthlessly squashing individual contributors who rock the boat, or even question bad hiring decisions. […] Fortunately, LinkedIN has a good brand, one that has a lot of value. And that can make up for a lot of bad choices.

In a follow-up, the Wag reports that one of the directors involved in one of the incidents was fired over it.

Generic Invitations Aren’t Welcome

While the visibility of the top megaconnectors might lead you to believe otherwise, not everyone in the HR industry believes in connecting with anybody and everybody. Barbara Safani of Career Solvers has 123 connections and says that the generic invitation “just isn’t doing it” for her:

And please don’t take the easy way out and assume I will click on the link to your profile. Explain in the body of your email why I should connect to someone I don’t know and what the possible professional synergies are. That will capture my attention and make you much more credible in my eyes.

LinkedIn users should stop mining data and start creating authentic relationships on-line that can eventually lead to valuable professional partnerships. That’s the way to optimize its value.

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