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  1. I’m not thinking LinkedIn is so great. Why do I keep finding hundreds and hundreds of complaints online about it? There’s no customer service. No one you can call for help. They don’t answer or resolve tickets. They tell members to network with each other then restrict and punish you for doing so and for sending out invites. They also restrict people’s accounts and won’t tell why nor reactivate their accounts. They don’t answer emails. They suspend premium accounts and don’t refund members their money. The list goes on and on. Members spend years building a network to do business on LinkedIn, to have their profile shut down and their network made inaccessible. This is committing fraud, isn’t it? Promising/offering a service and inducing people to spend time and money to invest in that service which is not real and which harms one’s business? Is it time for a class-action suit against this company? It causes people to lose precious time and hard sometimes consisting of thousands of hours. Then causes people (its duped members) to lose clients and business and money–even some businesses to go out of business and maybe lose their homes and lives. Bernie Madoff, move aside. Welcome to LinkedIn!

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