I’ve Been Busy!

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812065_busy_bee.jpgSome of you may have noticed that I’ve been pretty scarce around the blog during the month of October. It’s not just here, but also on my other blogs, the Yahoo Groups, my Ryze networks, etc.

So what have I been doing?

First, let me tell you one of the most valuable lessons I have learned about networking (and blogging) over the past few years — one that many people seem to forget:

Taking care of your customers customers and keeping your core business solid is far more important than any networking or marketing you will ever do.

Without that, everything else is a house of cards. And sometimes, when your business is going well, and you haven’t yet built a good-sized staff to take care of all that stuff for you. It’s really tough to be both an idea man and also a workaholic!

So in October, in addition to speaking at two conferences (and all the follow-up from the dozens of people wanting to know how to hire me), I’ve also been focused very heavily on my core business of consulting with companies about social networking and social media, and that’s kept me massively busy.

I’ve also been:

  • Finishing up the editing of Jason Alba’s new book, I’m on LinkedIn — Now What?? (more on that in a future post).
  • Finishing up my second book with Jay Deragon and Margaret Orem, The Emergence of The Relationship Economy (look for it in the next few weeks).
  • Signing the deal and starting on my third book (more on that in a few weeks).
  • Forming Link to Your World, LLC, with Jay, Margaret and some other great folks to meet the growing demand for services in the social networking arena.

And with BlogWorld coming up next week, and my birthday and 15th wedding anniversary the week after that, then Thanksgiving, November may be a little slow too. I am starting back up the Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover, though, so if you’re waiting on yours, know that it is still coming, although the line is very long (currently about 7 months!).

And remember, no matter how much you enjoy networking and blogging, always take care of yourself, your family and your customers first.

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  1. Scott, I know the feeling. I used to say that “I have a lot of plates spinning.” I would also say that “I feel like I’m drowning!” Yesterday I realized that… I feel like I’m drowning AND I have too many plates spinning!

    Let me comment on one thing in this post. I deal mostly with career management, and I talk about the time you spend on your CAREER vs. your JOB. For your readers, I would suggest that they don’t carry your message and apply it 100% to their jobs (however applicable it may be to you and me as business owners) …

    In other words, do not neglect the networking aspect, in favor of the job. Sure there will be times when the job is taking more than 100% of what you have to offer, but too many people neglect their career management, and when they find themselves out of a job they wonder what happened, and what they should have done differently.

    Slightly off-topic, but I think important all the same. I’m excited to see what your other projects are, though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Between my two on-line stores, my two part time jobs, my church, my family and being my husband’s secretary. I can’t keep up. How do you manage to do it all. I also have Lupus which means I get really tired really easily and stress is not a good thing. I also maintain the church website, (although, not very well) and I have a blog at: http://www.rainbowmtn.biz and a my space, and a His holy space account. Needless to say, my space and His Holy Space are on hold. I will admit that I bit off more than I could chew, since I’m new at this networking game. I have no excuses, I just got overwhelmed by having too much fun. Thanks for letting me share. Rose

  3. Hey Scott, This is the first time I have been over to visit in a couple of months. I have also been busy over the last few months, but I did notice you were MIA in October. I am glad for the update and glad to know you are still here.

    I agree with you about taking care of yourself and your family. I have been in transition since the end of September. I will be making major changes in my life, my schedule and my extracurricular activities. I am working on my Masters, and starting my first book, still blogging, working and caring for my family. Prioritizing is very important.

    Anyway, thanks for the update! I am glad all is well with you and you are busy doing…

    Have a great weekend!

    Interview Guru

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