1. It’s always a fun time when someone comes up or writes me an email and claims that LinkedIn should have no idea that they know John Smith. The paranoia is that LinkedIn must have gone through some email account that the user didn’t ok…

    And John Smith would never have allowed the site to know that he happened to know this individual;-)

    And it isn’t logical to think that since you both know Tom, Mary, and Ann that you happen to know each other too…


  2. I’m kind of astounded at the mixed reaction it gets. Some people think it doesn’t work well at all — others find it “creepy”. To me, “creepy” means it’s working. And for those who don’t find many matches in there, oh well.

    ANY algorithm LinkedIn comes up with for it isn’t going to be perfect. The idea is to show people who you are statistically more likely to know than some random person. Why WOULDN’T you want that? It’s helped me reconnect to dozens of people who I knew through associations, events or other activities, but who I never worked or went to school with. I think that’s pretty darn cool.

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