How to Write a Better LinkedIn Group Welcome Message

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There are thousands of LinkedIn groups, covering just about any topic. LinkedIn groups are wonderful tools to use when you are looking to enhance your network.

When you run a group, however, you want ways to help make your group stand out from the pack. One excellent way to do this is design a premium welcome message template.

Whenever someone new joins your group, they are going to receive this message. You want to capture their attention and give them the information they need efficiently.

I recently joined the Wisconsin Top Networkers Group and received this message:


It was friendly, engaging, and to the point, but I thought it could still use some work. I made some suggestions, and the owner of the group, Shabana, loved them!




See the difference?

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    • When you are in your group, on the top group navigation bar, click the Manage tab, then on the left navigation, you’ll see a link for “Templates”. That’s where you create, edit and manage when and if automatic messages are sent.

  1. Lori,

    This is a great tip.
    About me – Successful IT recruiter focused on recruiting SAP talent across USA, Canada.
    Recently i have created my own group in LinkedIn – “SAP Contract Jobs in USA & Canada”.
    My primary focus on this group is to assist job opportunities to SAP talent.

    I also edited your LinkedIn Group Welcome Message and wrote in my group.

    Please educate me on the above for improvement/changed if any. If my approach to you is wrong, then i apologize for that.

    I also like to get connected with you in LinkedIn.


    • Well Pravin, this is not an inappropriate way to reach out at all! I have used this method myself to get an author’s attention. Regarding the message, if you’ll send me your message along with an explanation of what you are trying to accomplish with your message, I’ll be happy to review it with you.

      Clicking on my name in this reply will take you to my webpage, where you will find a contact form on the right sidebar. You won’t be able to send attachments, but just a note to start things off will work. I’ll respond and we can discuss your specific needs.

      That goes for anyone who would like help. Until then, Rock On!

  2. Hi, could any one pls help advise if it is possible to do bold/underline/color the message text in group welcome message template? Appreciate any and all help!

    • Great question Aasim, but no, there is no special formatting for Group Template messages. We use CAPS and special characters like stars or diamonds to help a few things stand out.

      For now, the only place you can use the formatting you describe on LinkedIn is on the products and services descriptions on company pages… an update: As of yesterday, you can now feature up to three groups on your company page!

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