How to Contact LinkedIn Technical Support

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First off, let me say that it’s ludicrous that this even merits a blog post, but LinkedIn has so obfuscated the process that it takes a lot of digging to find it. If you just want the link, here it is: (updated 9/15/2012)

If you’d like to see how to find it for yourself, read on. Also, if you don’t get any response at the link above, there are some ideas on how to escalate your issue at the end of the post.

I had my attention called to this issue on Twitter today:


It actually took me a couple of minutes to figure out. I won’t bore you with all the dead-ends I tried that didn’t work…let me just show you what did:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of any page on LinkedIn:


2. Click on the Customer Service Link. This takes you to the LinkedIn Customer Service Center, where they invite you to first try to help yourself:


3. At this point, click on any of the FAQ entries – doesn’t matter which one. Once you do, now at the top of the page there will be an Ask Customer Service tab (why it’s not there on the first page is a mystery to me, but it isn’t):


4. That will finally put you on a contact form that will allow you to submit your question to customer service. You can even attach a file if needed, such as a screenshot of the problem:


What happens then? Well, LinkedIn isn’t known for their customer service — nice enough people once you get to someone, but they’re massively understaffed and overloaded. If you don’t get the response you need, here are some additional ways to try to escalate your issue:

1. According to, LinkedIn’s phone number is 650-687-3600, then press 5 to reach a live person. Based on the comments, though, good luck actually talking to technical support.

2. Try or

3. Try @linkedin or @mariosundar on Twitter. There’s also a list of LinkedIn employees on Twitter.

4. Try community support. If something’s actually broken, that won’t help, but if it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do something, or if it even can be done, other LinkedIn users are pretty helpful. Try or the Using LinkedIn category on LinkedIn Answers.

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks so much for addressing the issue both here and on Twitter. It seems that they have obfuscated the process somewhat recently because I remember once getting in touch with them before and I don’t recall it being this backward.

    I love LI, but like you I get so frustrated at how it is run and the lack of innovation from the user standpoint. Like many web companies, the lion’s share of the innovation comes in adding more functionality and “wow” than in shoring up what already exists.

  2. Scott,

    It’s an odd situation… I touched on it a couple weeks ago when a reader was asking how to deal with a potentially fraudulent situation on the site.

    In addition to the almost hidden page, I found that the “User Agreement” includes instructions on how to contact LinkedIn about content / legal issues.

    The information is in the “LinkedIn Shenanigans – Identity Theft, Business Fraud, and Lying About Work History” article.


    Steven Tylock
    The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

  3. I have been trying to access Linkedin since last Monday. Its now Friday. I can’t access their website and it has taken me this long to find an email address. I am a paying customer so expect some help. Linkedin is a joke where customer service is concerned.

  4. Don’t bother ever trying to contact Linkedin. They simply don’t respond.

    My account has been suspended for 5 days now. I’ve sent countless emails, tried to call, etc. Nothing.

    I hope Linkedin’s IPO falls flat and the company get’s sued out of existance.

    The worst company ever.

  5. Yet again after months of failur and finally getting the pass word streightened out, your program has out smarted you and is rejecting my pass word, I keep asking, is it worth it io wast hours on line to deal with incompentant help. Is the equiptment getting smarter than there handelers.

  6. I am a member of LinkedIn. Why are people calling me hat they received an invitation from me to join? I have NEVER asked anyone to? 845-548-0083 or 845-353-0839

    • you should really not post those phone numbers. I called the -0839 one, thinking I could hit a LinkedIn person, and woke some poor woman out of sleep who was apparently worried about her partying son.

  7. I would like to disable my account indefinitely. But is there also a way to do this without totally deleting my account entirely? It would really be nice if you had the customer service capabilities with actual live bodies that could service your clients. This is just a comment, and should not be taken as criticism.

  8. How do I fix this error message, can anyone help? Is there a tech support number to call when you get this message:
    This message was sent to an email address that is not associated with your LinkedIn account. You may have another LinkedIn account with this email address.

  9. My home page is no longer in English. I’ve called the LinkedIn phone number and all it says is to go the bottom of the page for their support site. Great! If I could read the language it is in that might be worth something to me. How do I contact LinkedIn to reset my home page language to English? Any ideas?

    • Try using Google Chrome as your browser… it should automatically offer to translate the page for you. It won’t be perfect, but it should be enough to be readable enough to figure out the appropriate links.

      The direct link to contact LinkedIn customer support is — hopefully that will be reasonable to figure out in whatever language you’re in.

  10. i would like the accounting department of Linkdin to please give me call . i have send numerous email and faxed copies of my email and head letter . I have been charged $512.00 on my debt card instead to 19.00 .
    please with due respect respond to my email or you can call me on [edit]

    • Unfortunately an all too common problem — this is the third one of these I’ve heard about. I wish I knew what to tell you, other than be persistent — they’ll probably get to it eventually.

  11. I have two profiles set up under my name…The one with the picture on it is the one I want to delete but I can’t remember the exact email address attached to it or the password so I am not able to go in and delete this old profile. Please help. I know the old one had an email something like

  12. I have an Apple iPad, but it is not causing the problem.

    The problem lies with Linked In

    My photo is upside-down.

    I know it’s not Apple because my photos have a rotate option on my iPad, and e whether I send a pic upside down or right side up,

    It invariably show upside-down on Linked In.

    Thank you

  13. My LinkedIn account is not working. I have been reported this since yesterday. I noted a “High Restriction” message when I attempt to open my account. I also checked and my group LIKING AND FORWARDING ON BARNES AND NOBLE AND ON FACEBOOK has been erased. Why? This had to be done by someone who works for this company. As yet am I to receive a response to my inquiries. I am hereby requesting a refund of the money I have paid to this company.

    • I understand how frustrating that must be. They just tell your account’s restricted, and they don’t tell you why. Your group’s deleted and they don’t tell you why.

      Just checking — was the actual group name in ALL CAPS like that? If so, that’s likely the reason. Why they can’t just change the case of the group name is beyond me, but that could be it.

  14. I have no customer service button. In fact the reason I wanted to contact them is that my Navigation Bar and hyperlinks are very different than others I see and books I read (published 2012) I am trying to learn but everywhere I turn my links at top doe not correspond to other tutorials eg. I don’t have “Linkedin” at top of Home page but just “In”??

    • Yup, they keep changing things. In fact, they made a big change to the home page last year, so any book actually published last year probably didn’t reflect those changes.

      Among other things, the new home page auto-scrolls, which is cool… unless you’re trying to get to the links at the bottom of the page! FYI, after 4 auto-scrolls, it stops and will let you get at those links.

      Fortunately, you can get at Help from the top menu… top RIGHT corner, the little image of yourself — hold your mouse over that and a menu will drop down. The last option on the menu is the Help Center.

      Or, here’s the direct link:

      And now, if you want to try to go to Contact Us, they FORCE you to search the Help Center for an answer before contacting them. Seriously??? I even tried going directly to the contact form URL, but if you haven’t done a recent search through Help first, it sends you back to the Help Center main page.

      So, jump through their hoops, and you’ll eventually get to a form where you can contact them. Good luck!

  15. Dear all,

    There is a way this idiocracy can be answered to certain extent; worth making complain to the department of communications for Linked in not having contact details. Linked in no offence but if you bastards are doing this to gain attention, please note I am encouraging every professional I ma getting in touch with to BANNED using Linked IN.

  16. Hope you can help Scott. I sent this to LinkedIn 4 times and left numerous voicemails for the only option number 2. For press.

    My multiple messages have gone in answered. I’ve left several messages at the 650 area code number to get a repetitive recording and left my number at press inquires. I’m a disabled veteran recently back from Iraq and am struggling to cancel a premium account my daughter tried opening for me. I cannot afford this even though I like LinkedIn. I have very little income and will be in and out of the hospital and rehab facilities with surgeries and need this premium account changed to the free account please. My cell is xxx-xxx-xxx.
    Please help me cancel the premium please

    E. B.
    U.S. Navy Seabee Disabled
    In Veterans Hospital no computer just iPhone.

    • Erik — I wish I knew some way to help. I can certainly understand that they can’t provide phone support for free users, but for premium users? This is ridiculous. Unfortunately I don’t have any kind of back channel or alternate contact other than the main line. Good luck with it, and thank you for your service.

  17. Simple… I forgot my password and I want a new one… I tried and it tells me that I need cookies… well I don’t know what cookies are
    so what do I do now ??? do you have to be a computer wizard to change a password ??? Jacques

  18. Massive Class Action law suit is brewing against LinkedIn …run away from them or join to fight their predatory practices of holding account and identity information hostage without trasparent means of resolution. they are going to be sued for millions of dollars.

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