How Can I Do More Social Media and LinkedIn When I Don’t Have Time?

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social media watchesAlmost everyone I’ve talked to recently has asked me this question. Do you also feel pushed for time? There’s also a lot of pressure to “go social” – to be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. I used to feel that pressure, too.

Now, while I feel some time pressure, I approach social media differently. I’ll outline my thoughts and the specific things I do day-to-day to maintain a strong presence without spending hours and hours to do it. And I’ll tell you tips and techniques, shortcuts you can use, and insights I’ve had on what works and what doesn’t work. Every one of them may not work for you. Take the ones that do and use them. It may also mean changing the way you do things. That’s OK.

Change is not easy. For example, take a minute and do this while you read:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands comfortably in your lap. Breathe naturally.
  • Now cross your arms. Notice which arm is on top – your right or your left.
  • OK. Uncross your arms and sit comfortably again. Breathe naturally.
  • Now cross your arms again, only this time, put the other arm on top. If your right arm was on the top last time, now put your left arm on top. Notice how it feels.Pretty uncomfortable? It should – it’s different. Change.
  • Do the same with your legs. Cross them and notice which leg is on top. Then switch them so the other is on top. Again, uncomfortable. Change.

I charge you with:

  • Being open to change
  • Giving yourself permission to try something new and perhaps failing the first time
  • Trying the new ways for 21 days. After 21 days, review the situation and continue or make adjustments.

Step 1

Ask yourself this question: “What’s the one thing that will make the most difference in my sales today?” Focus on that one thing this next week. That means, in person, on LinkedIn and social media, and in everything you do. For example, I asked one of my clients that yesterday. He said “lead generation and prospecting – finding more prospects”. Relating this back to LinkedIn and social media, and what to do when he didn’t have a lot of time, I recommended that he use LinkedIn only for prospecting and lead generation this week.

  1. Skip connecting with old friends (unless that will mean another prospective client)
  2. Go to LinkedIn Groups and contact people who could be his clients (don’t comment on discussions this time)
  3. Create a highly targeted prospect list on LinkedIn. Start contacting them to introduce himself and find out more about them (not pitching them!)

What’s your #1 focus for this week? Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing that will make the most difference in my sales today?” Hold yourself accountable for doing that one thing all week. And next week, ask yourself the same question. The answer next week may be contacting and connecting with the prospects you found this week.

More next time . . .

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