1. Why?

    This is an innate challenge with Twitter. 140 characters is not enough to provide any context. If you have a beef against Facebook that justifies dropping it completely, I’d love to know why!

  2. Well, I’m not the one who originally tweeted it. Follow the link (click on the image – it links to the original tweet) and ask Terry yourself. 🙂

    Personally, I find Facebook “noisy” — very low signal-to-noise ratio, i.e., lots of activities that seem neither relevant neither to business nor to actually building substantive relationships. Given limited time to allocate, I spend it where I perceive the highest ROI, which for me isn’t Facebook. That said, for some of my clients it is — so not making a general indictment against Facebook…it’s just not the best use of my time.

  3. I agree that Facebook is really not relevant for law firm marketing. I don’t believe there are very many people out there using Facebook to find lawyers. The ads don’t get much of a response either. I’ve done everything possible to make my Facebook site interesting and user friendly and I don’t belive I’ve had a single client come from it yet.

  4. I think the use of Facebook for your marketing efforts depends on your niche market. Many people at different ages use Facebook, but we have to admit that only teens log daily on Facebook.

  5. I declared Facebook a total waste of my time last year. To me the advertising platform lacks true targeting. To simply target an age or gender is like throwing your money away. I don’t think it really works well unless your in the gaming or lead gen business.

  6. I do not use FB for promoting my company. I did once and realized all my social “friends” could see it and click on a link. Then I realized I didn’t want them seeing it, whereas LinkedIn is another story. LinkedIn is made for associated businesses and individuals and I WANT them to see this. FB friends are simply the wrong audience for my business links.

  7. I have mixed emotions about Facebook. I’m generally not the kind of person who likes to make small talk, so posting or reading little blurbs just doesn’t trip my trigger. I do have to admit that I do get a fair amount of traffic to my blogs via Facebook. But I think you have to pick just one or two of these social sites, and stick with those. Otherwise, if you try and maintain FB, LI, Twitter, etc, all at once, you’ll just stretch yourself too thin.

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