Employer Branding in Social Media

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While much has been written about how important it is now for job seekers to have a good, solid web presence, particularly in social media.

But what about employers?

In his recent article, Job Hunting in ’08, Matt Kinsman suggests:

It cuts both ways—not only should potential employers be considering your online presence, you should evaluate theirs, including LinkedIn and Facebook profiles of would-be managers.

Expect for candidates to be doing this more and more. Whenever you interview with a potential employer, it’s much about you interviewing them as them interviewing you. Why shouldn’t the same be true earlier in the hiring process?

All the more reason that employers need to develop their brand in the social media space. If you’re a hiring manager or an entrepreneur building your team, your LinkedIn profile is a way to sell yourself as a great person to work for. Does it do that now? Here’s a quick checklist for employers:

  1. Is your LinkedIn profile complete in terms of your work history?
  2. Does it effectively communicate your corporate culture?
  3. Does it effectively communicate your personal values about your work? Does it let potential employees know what you are passionate about?
  4. Does it clearly indicate that you are currently hiring?
  5. Are your contact settings set to indicate that you are open to job inquiries?
  6. Do your job listings effectively communicate the corporate culture and benefits (intangible as well) of working for your company?
  7. When you send out job listings to your connections, do you introduce it in a way that will capture their attention and enlist their help? (Here’s a great example from my friend Steve Latham)

Sean Polay, following up on Matt Kinsman’s article, recounts his own experience:

I hired Yoni Greenbaum last year after we got reacquainted via LinkedIn. He utilized that channel to network through me to follow a lead on another job, and I steered him toward my opening instead.

You’ll have to ask him to confirm, but the connection definitely would not have happened had I a.) not been on LinkedIn; b.) not been connected to someone he was seeking to meet, and c.) not had additional online profiles that aided his decision-making, such as this very blog, not to mention my personal blog, and other online presences.

Candidates with those skills want to work in an environment where they are appreciated and encouraged to develop them further. If you want to hire web-savvy people, show your commitment by using the tools yourself.

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  1. As I read this, I couldn’t help but think of the fairy tale “The Emperor has no clothes”. In today’s world, it means if you put it on the internet, someone will see it. It is becoming increasingly important that you must be on the internet in order for people to find you, learn about you and form opinions. The opinions are based on what you write and download on your sites. As Alison Doyle said, “If you wouldn’t want your Grandma to see it or read it, then don’t put it on the internet. A concise reminder that the world may be watching you everytime you post a picture or make a statement.

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