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Timesaver Tip #11

11.  Take the sales conversation offline. LinkedIn is the best way to find people who can be good clients and good sources of referrals – your buyers and decision-makers. Look them up with searches by […]

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The Changing Nature Of Inclusion On LinkedIn

Just what does it take to be “in” someone’s network on LinkedIn? If you were around at the very beginning, that meant four degrees of connectivity. For the longest time now it has meant three […]

LinkedIn 101

The Magic is in the Mix!

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the MeetUp group, NSA-NYC (National Speakers Association, New York City chapter), about LinkedIn and how to get more speaking engagements using LinkedIn.  A number of questions […]

Using LinkedIn

When You’d Like To Leave LinkedIn

Yes, it’s almost sacrilegious – but there are people who’ve tried LinkedIn and decided it wasn’t for them. I give them kudos over the people that haven’t tried LinkedIn. (or worse – who are waiting to […]

LinkedIn Success Stories

The $5,000 Profile Update

My friend Jefre Outlaw shared with me a great LinkedIn anecdote about the importance of keeping your profile up-to-date. Jefre is a many of many talents, with a diverse array of business interests and experience. […]

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Nothing But Your Name, Please

I originally wrote about this issue back in 2007, and while LinkedIn has occasionally (and inconsistently) manually cracked down on this practice, 5 years later they still haven’t really done much to curb it.  It’s […]