LinkedIn 101

What’s your Networking Philosophy?

To be most successful with LinkedIn and in-person networking, decide what your networking philosophy will be. There’s no one “right” answer – the best philosophy for you is the one that fits your business and sales goals, and your personal preferences. […]

LinkedIn 101

Slow Down the Information Tsunami

LinkedIn updates give us valuable information. In fact, there are so many updates, it’s an information tsunami. How can we sift through the tsunami to see the relevant gems? […]

Clueless LinkedIn Invitation
Using LinkedIn

How Not To Use LinkedIn

I’ve been writing on LinkedIn for quite a while, and I’ve found that other users provide the best material on how not to use social sites like LinkedIn. A friend sent an example of a […]

LinkedIn Humor

Job Titles in ALL CAPS

Typing your job title in all caps on #LinkedIn does NOT make you look more important than your non-capitalizing peers. — Jordan Whitt (@jwwhitt) April 10, 2012 @JennaNBaker you’re half right. I should’ve qualified that […]

New LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn Updates People You May Know Feature

Late last week, LinkedIn announced an update to their People You May Know feature that they will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks. The new People You May Know includes several enhancements designed […]

LinkedIn 101

LinkedIn Security – Keep your info safe

Security and social media have been in the news lately.  Here are tips for protecting your information on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Profile: Only put information that you want the world to see on your LinkedIn […]