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3 Popular Questions People Ask About LinkedIn

#1 – How can LinkedIn help me sell more? LinkedIn helps you attract business. The key to which is your Company Page, your LinkedIn Profile, and the profiles of your employees, especially when properly crafted […]

LinkedIn Open Networkers (LION)

RE: your connection – how do you keep up?

I received a question from a connection that I frequently receive, so I thought I’d share the question and my answer here: LinkedIn John … has sent you a message. Date: 1/04/2013 Subject: your connection […]

LinkedIn 101

I’m Open, But I’m Not THAT Open

I’ve recently become much more open about accepting connections on LinkedIn…I’ve become a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker). That said, there are a few things that I’ve come across as I’ve become more open that I find problematic. […]

LinkedIn News

You Need To Update Your LinkedIn Company Page NOW

LinkedIn has rolled out changes to company listings – and if you’ve created a LinkedIn Company Page and don’t update yours right away, you’ll leave a bit of embarrassing data online. Lets have a look at what […]

LinkedIn 101

More Credibility with Endorsements

LinkedIn is making it easier for us to recognize members of our network for their skills and expertise with the rollout of one-click Endorsements. We can now endorse the skills that are connections have listed on their profiles, or even recommend one that’s not listed there yet. […]

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LinkedIn Q&A of the Day: “So I lost 40 pounds…”

It’s a funny question, but a legitimate one. Being in the weight loss process myself at the moment (20 pounds so far), I can definitely relate. The sad reality is that prejudice against overweight people not only exists, it’s widespread and socially acceptable. […]