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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and The New LinkedIn

This is a lengthy video, but really a must-watch for serious LinkedIn users. He gives a great overview of LinkedIn’s unique position in the market, how to make best use of it strategically, and some of the newest features. […]

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You Need To Update Your LinkedIn Company Page NOW

LinkedIn has rolled out changes to company listings – and if you’ve created a LinkedIn Company Page and don’t update yours right away, you’ll leave a bit of embarrassing data online. Lets have a look at what […]

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APIs – Easy Come, Easy Go

The sphere has been abuzz over the breakup of LinkedIn and Twitter. Perhaps LinkedIn isn’t happy to have the API rug pulled from under their feet, but it does look like the same sort of explanation that LinkedIn itself offered when others have made use of its API! […]

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The Changing Nature Of Inclusion On LinkedIn

Just what does it take to be “in” someone’s network on LinkedIn? If you were around at the very beginning, that meant four degrees of connectivity. For the longest time now it has meant three […]

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SEC Charges Adviser with Defrauding Investors via LinkedIn

On Wednesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a Chicago-area investment adviser, Anthony Fields, with fraudulently promoting more than $500 billion in fictitious securities on several social media sites, including LinkedIn, and issued two […]