Best of Linked Intelligence 2007

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682025_calendar_1 As we draw the year to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to do a wrap-up of some of the best posts of the year. I picked these through a combination of popularity and my personal preference. Enjoy!

  1. Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn – Earlier in the year I ran a group blogging project focused on using LinkedIn for a specific business task. I compiled and categorized all the entries, plus some other blog posts and articles I’d either found or written myself, and this is the result: over 100 ways to use LinkedIn. If you’ve ever asked (or been asked) the question, "OK, so what do I do with LinkedIn?" — this is the ultimate resource. A few posts here on Linked Intelligence were among the most popular: LinkedIn As Resume 2.0, Using LinkedIn to Find Celebrity Guests, Using LinkedIn to Make the Sale and Following Up on Inside Connections at Potential Employers.
  2. Why Use LinkedIn? David Pogue of the New York Times posed this question. And while the list above provides some extensive specific examples, I thought I’d boil it down to the three basic capabilities that LinkedIn provides far more effectively than any other tool I know of.
  3. Top Tips and Topics from LinkedIn’s Blog – LinkedIn launched their own blog this year. LinkedIn Community Evangelist Mario Sundar and Director of Customer Service April Kelly both shared some of their top tips on the most commonly asked issues, plus I’ve added a few thoughts of my own.
  4. 9 Ways to Get Linked Out on LinkedIn – Sometimes a list of what not to do is a more effective learning tool than what to do.
  5. How to Politely Decline a LinkedIn Request – While I recognize there are some shortcomings with LinkedIn’s model, I generally think it’s more valuable for most people to adhere to their recommended practice of connecting with people you know and trust. That doesn’t mean that an invitation from a stranger can’t be an opportunity for networking, even if you don’t want to connect with them until you get to know them better. Here’s an approach to handling those connection requests and steering them towards something more productive.
  6. Why Apply Different Rules of Connecting on LinkedIn? If you ever wondered why someone might be willing to connect with you on Ecademy or Facebook or Ryze, but not on LinkedIn, this explains.
  7. LinkedIn Dangerous? Forbes Thinks So – Ahh, the Irony points out the sort of love/hate relationship that corporations have with social networking site. On the one hand, Forbes has several official LinkedIn groups. And yet, a Forbes article then turns around and lists engaging in social networks such as LinkedIn (mentioned by name) as one of the ten most dangerous online activities.
  8. LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Connect with People You Know, Harder with People You Don’t – One of the big functionality changes on LinkedIn this year was the introduction of the ability to reconnect with former colleagues, classmates and business partners without having their email address. At the same time, LinkedIn made it possible to indicate that you don’t know the sender of a connection request and created consequences for doing so.
  9. The Problem with Connecting with People You Don’t Know – LinkedIn can be such a serious topic – I try to keep a sense of humor about it. In barely a month, this become one of the most popular posts of the entire year. For a pointed variant on this, see The Times They Are A-Changing.
  10. Sending Batch LinkedIn Invitations – What to Do Once You’ve Uploaded Your Contacts – LinkedIn makes it very easy to upload your email contacts from Outlook, Gmail, etc. But once you’ve done so, do you really want to just send a single generic connection invitation to everyone? Probably not. In fact, doing so will probably get your account suspended. Here’s a better approach.
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