Thankfully The LinkedIn Basics Remain

Call me nostalgic, but I miss LinkedIn. Oh sure, it has a glossy new look and is all about updates and adjectives. But wait – that’s everything that Facebook is that I’m not so interested […]

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You Need To Update Your LinkedIn Company Page NOW

LinkedIn has rolled out changes to company listings – and if you’ve created a LinkedIn Company Page and don’t update yours right away, you’ll leave a bit of embarrassing data online. Lets have a look at what […]

LinkedIn News

APIs – Easy Come, Easy Go

The sphere has been abuzz over the breakup of LinkedIn and Twitter. Perhaps LinkedIn isn’t happy to have the API rug pulled from under their feet, but it does look like the same sort of explanation that LinkedIn itself offered when others have made use of its API! […]

Clueless LinkedIn Invitation
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How Not To Use LinkedIn

I’ve been writing on LinkedIn for quite a while, and I’ve found that other users provide the best material on how not to use social sites like LinkedIn. A friend sent an example of a […]

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Loose LinkedIn Connections Sink Security

Sure, this is a shameless takeoff on “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, but hopefully you’ll forgive me – because the saying makes sense. And if wartime talk could leak secrets to the enemy, peace time posting […]

LinkedIn Privacy & Safety

Be Careful Of Fake LinkedIn Email With Virus Links

Criminals have discovered that people do read messages from LinkedIn – and are using fake emails in an attempt to deliver viruses. Read more about it on Virus Threat Through Fake LinkedIn Email. It’s too bad […]

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The Changing Nature Of Inclusion On LinkedIn

Just what does it take to be “in” someone’s network on LinkedIn? If you were around at the very beginning, that meant four degrees of connectivity. For the longest time now it has meant three […]

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When You’d Like To Leave LinkedIn

Yes, it’s almost sacrilegious – but there are people who’ve tried LinkedIn and decided it wasn’t for them. I give them kudos over the people that haven’t tried LinkedIn. (or worse – who are waiting to […]

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Imaginary LinkedIn Connections

Just this week I received yet another invitation from someone I didn’t know. I don’t get that many, so I do check them out – by following through to see the profile behind the request. […]