Using LinkedIn

Here’s Who’s Hiring on LinkedIn During Covid-19

Times are tough, but there are companies still hiring during the coronavirus pandemic. LinkedIn is encouraging employers to use the hashtags #CoronaVirusHiring or #NowHiring to help job seekers identify those opportunities. LinkedIn has started compiling […]

LinkedIn Humor

Like MySpace for the Business-School Set

This is how LinkedIn was perceived in 2006, even by a business publication: My, how times have changed. Today, people think of it as like Facebook for the business-school set.

LinkedIn Humor

The Direct Approach

The emojis are an especially nice touch. I just clicked On "Accept the relation" on #LinkedIn … WTF, try at least to be more direct in your approach … — ?? Sk8 ?? (@Livisk8) […]

Using LinkedIn

What to Post on Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn recently shared an infographic on their blog about LinkedIn Company Pages. It’s mostly just fun/fluff, but towards the end there’s a really useful gem of information: “What updates get the most action?” […]

LinkedIn 101

How to Remove an Endorsement on LinkedIn

So you’ve gone click-happy with the endorsements on LinkedIn and now you’re a sad panda because you’re contributing to making them out to be more of an expert than they are. How do you “unendorse” them? […]