3 Popular Questions People Ask About LinkedIn

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#1 – How can LinkedIn help me sell more?

LinkedIn helps you attract business. The key to which is your Company Page, your LinkedIn Profile, and the profiles of your employees, especially when properly crafted with the keywords your prospects and clients use to find you, as well as images and a consistent well-crafted message.  LinkedIn searching is a science like any other search engine, but quite a bit simpler.

The key to attracting business…

  1. Fit In with keywords in profiles, company page, posts… this enables you to be found.
  2. Stand Out with a message that inspires people… a clear consistent and targeted message produces the best results.
  3. Convert with carefully placed phone number, e-mail and call to action… if you look at the profiles of LinkedIn company employees, particularly their sales teams, you’ll see they place their call to action with contact information at the end of their Summary, in their current job description, in the Personal Information fields (which only your direct connections can see), and in the Contact field (which is not indexed for searches).

#2 – How does my company have a presence on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has Company Pages to provide a presence for businesses and associations.  Akin to a Web site in many ways, a LinkedIn Company Page will list the firm’s employees, job openings, company information, contact data, products, and company insights.

Company Pages can also have as many product or service landing pages as you need each with relevant thumbnail images.  Each can also have rich text, YouTube videos and recommendations.

Please [DO NOT!] use a LinkedIn profile to build a presence for your company. It is a violation of the End User License Agreement that will cause your account to be closed.  You will not receive a warning, you’ll just try to log in one day and you won’t be able to. Trust me… we have a very high profile on LinkedIn as Subject Matter Experts and a lot of people – more than 2 dozen in the last 18 months – have reached out for help but there is nothing I can do except to help them start over.

Company Page Insights on LinkedIn#3 – How do I convince my employees to participate in LinkedIn?

One sure fire way is to support their efforts too.  LinkedIn training is effective (teaching best practices will help them better represent the company), a social media policy is another, outside help from a reputable subject matter expert to get the ball rolling is yet another.  If you can single out a few employees to become internal experts, that is a great way to start too.

An outside company can offer professional services to jump start the process, like creating a LinkedIn profile template laden in optimized, on-target language.  The same can be done for the LinkedIn Company Page.  Next up: training, one of the most effective things to get buy-in from your employees.

Up next: 3 Question you Should Ask about LinkedIn.

What do you do to promote your business on LinkedIn?

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  1. Hi Lori, nice to talk to you thru’ LinkedIn. I think, we need to optimize our profile according to target market. Let say if I want to go to US or silicon Valley, specifically, I need to get certificate from US rather than local (malaysia) because for them, local certificates are meaningless.

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