Tips from The LinkedIn Rockstars: Top Ten Most Annoying Behaviors of People on LinkedIn – Number 7

When communicating with people online, there is an etiquette that should be followed to maintain professionalism. Some people refer to this as ‘netiquette’. One of the cardinal rules of netiquette is not to share people’s contact information with others they do not know. That is why it is recommended that you use the blind carbon copy function ‘bcc’ on emails, and the same thing goes for LinkedIn.

When you send a message to multiple people the default is that the little box checked below the message box that allows for the sharing of email addresses is checked! Please be sure to uncheck this box. If you fail to do that, you will be sharing the email addresses of those you are sending the message to with everyone on the list, which will upset and annoy many of your contacts.

We’ve all gotten the message, and the following ones where people “reply to all” to ask “remove me from your list!”  Call that annoying behavior #7.5. Don’t spank people in public unless you know it was intentional. It’s annoying to me to. A better and more humane option is to reply to the original sender and point them to this post to provide instructions on how to do it better next time.

Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva, is a speaker, trainerauthor and radio host in the LinkedIn and social media world. One of LinkedIn's Top Three Most Connected Women, she has influenced tens of thousands of people during her 15+ year speaking and training career. She is one of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2012. Wouldn't you like to meet The Diva too?

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