Tips from the LinkedIn Rockstars: Top Ten Annoying Behaviors of People on LinkedIn – Number 10

Let’s do this in reverse order. It is so frustrating when you receive an invitation from someone who is building a network purely as a numbers game. They are just burning through their initial limited supply of invitations (3,000) and responding to a message like this is like flocking to the Firesale announcement of local stores “Going out of business!”

There is not anything wrong with building a large, open network on LinkedIn. My partner and I have both already hit the 30,000 mark, then went back and deleted the profiles that seemed faked so we could accept more people. The key is, if you’re building this type of network on LinkedIn, do it with the understanding that you’re connecting to people, not numbers.

Building a network of that size is not about hitting numbers to brag about; it’s about connecting with people around the country, and around the world, that you can collaborate with and reach out to on a scale that simply wasn’t possible before LinkedIn.

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