Tip From the LinkedIn Rockstars: Using Recommendations

One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn are the recommendations.

Think about it: Why do you ever choose one thing over another? Chances are, it was recommended to you. There are people who abuse the system, who ‘stuff the ballet box’ you might say, which is why it is important to get recommendations with substance from someone who has interacted with you personally, worked with you on a project, or the best would be a customer.

You don’t want to have all your recommendations from one work experience, it is best to spread them out over your credentials. But how do you go back and ask people from the past for recommendations? Start by thinking of people you have worked with that you can recommend, who can legitimately recommend you back. When you receive a recommendation, you are given the option to return the favor, and many people do.

If you do receive a bad recommendation, you can always ask for a rewrite. When a LinkedIn recommendation is posted, it creates a link between the two profiles. If you ask someone to rewrite a fluff piece, or something with many typos, you are actually doing them a favor so their writing does not reflect badly on them.

Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva, is a speaker, trainerauthor and radio host in the LinkedIn and social media world. One of LinkedIn's Top Three Most Connected Women, she has influenced tens of thousands of people during her 15+ year speaking and training career. She is one of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2012. Wouldn't you like to meet The Diva too?

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