Seeking Prizes for LinkedIn Group Writing Project

401203_trophy.jpgNext week I’m going to be organizing a group blogging project around LinkedIn. For those of you not familiar with what a group blogging project is, check out:

There is a very specific theme, a very specific goal, and I expect that the end result will become a widely-used resource, and will hence be great exposure for all participants. I plan to announce the project next Tuesday, May 1.

Right now, though, I’m looking for some prizes.

People seem to be a little more inclined to participate in these group blogging projects when there’s some incentive — more than just that it’s a cool project. Darren Rowse (Problogger) has found that prizes work, and particular tangible prizes (i.e., not e-books, and preferably not a service that the person may or may not have any use for, e.g., logo design or something). I’m looking for 10 or so such prizes to give away randomly to participants. Some good ideas are things like…
– A signed copy of your book
– An educational video
– A gift certificate
– A free membership to something worthwhile
– Some cool, hard-to-get swag

Prize donors will be promoted three times: in the initial group blogging project announcement, a post announcing the winners, and listed on the final aggregation page.

A couple of more details regarding prizes:
– Again, please no offers of e-books.
– Whether or not your prize gets used depends on how many offers I have.
– Please contact me off-blog at “scott AT linked intelligence DOT com” rather than in comments below.

Again, I’m planning to announce this on Tuesday, May 1, so please let me know ASAP if you’d like to participate.

Scott Allen is a true social media pioneer, helping turn virtual relationships into real business since 2002. He is coauthor of The Virtual Handshake, the first book on using social media for business, and contributor to over a dozen books on social media, marketing & entrepreneurship. He is currently Director of Client Solutions for Momentum Factor, a social media and online marketing management firm specializing in the direct selling industry.

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