LinkedIn Signal Lighting Up the Online Conversation

There is so much possibility in the new LinkedIn Signal I’ve had to write several blog posts to cover all the great material. #LinkedIn “Signal Me Relevant”! started the conversation. This is installment #2.

I discussed the power being in the relevant search of real time communications across platforms: LinkedIn and Twitter. The turbo charged power comes in the ability to effectively filter through all the noise to boil the stream of conversations by members of a group, an industry, a location, a company, a school, by time posted, or by hashtags (tags).

Here’s where we talk Strategy. I also shared an example of why that is important. There are so many scenarios for so many professional roles. It is going to be very important for users to take a look at which Twitter accounts are connected and what they are tweeting on those accounts.

Many people ask me questions about privacy and the appropriateness of specific communications on specific platforms. The reality is this: if you are in business, you must share your professional life online to find the greatest success you can achieve. The second reality: It does matter what you post, no matter which platform you are on.

When you post anything online, you leave a digital footprint that in essence leave bread crumbs for people to follow back to you.  a case in point: last week when I had been conversing with someone on Twitter.  Through Hootsuite‘s Insights, I was able to see his other social networking platforms and reach out to him on LinkedIn. He accepted the invitation but was confused as to how I found him since the two were not directly connected.

I believe that Signal will make the importance of appropriate communications even more important. You are out there. Join the conversation. Make connections. Build relationships. Use the powerful tools available now to enhance your performance. The playing field is leveled. Grab the ball and run with it!

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