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LinkedIn How-Tos from Dave Taylor

Ask DaveTech guru Dave Taylor, author of at least a dozen or more best-selling computer books and host of the excellent Q&A site, AskDaveTaylor.com is an avid LinkedIn user, as well. He’s put together a number of LinkedIn how-tos:

LinkedIn’s built-in documentation is good — Dave’s is better. For more of Dave’s writings about LinkedIn, see:

Scott Allen is a true social media pioneer, helping turn virtual relationships into real business since 2002. He is coauthor of The Virtual Handshake, the first book on using social media for business, and contributor to over a dozen books on social media, marketing & entrepreneurship. He is currently Director of Client Solutions for Momentum Factor, a social media and online marketing management firm specializing in the direct selling industry.


  1. Before finding a job, inviting people, deleting a contact, (…), you need to create your profile… and do it well!

    In social networking, building a good profile is the most critical step.

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  5. The How to articles are really informative. They are really enlightening especially to new LinkedIn users.

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