Introductions are Proven to be More Effective than Cold Calls

Did you know that introductions are proven to be more effective than cold calls?  When you’re making cold calls, you’re calling someone you don’t know, hoping to get their attention long enough to listen to what you have to say.  When someone introduces you, it comes with a personal recommendation.  The person will listen to you because you’ve been personally introduced.

LinkedIn makes it easy to request introductions. Let’s say you want to meet John Smith, who is a potential client. You’ve worked with executives like him, and the results have been excellent. You want to talk to him about how you might do something similar for him and his company.

Go to LinkedIn and look up John’s profile. You can see how you’re connected to John.  That is, you can see who knows both you and John. Look for someone you know well.  Pick up the phone, and tell them, “Bob, I want to meet John Smith. We’ve worked with companies similar to his, and the results were excellent. I want to talk to him about how we might do something similar for him and his company. Do you mind introducing us?”

Be sure to tell the person who’s introducing you why you want to meet the other person. Not only is it polite and courteous to do that, it makes it easier to make the introduction. Also, when someone is introducing you to someone else, it comes with some responsibility on the part of the person introducing you. He wants the introduction to work out well, too.

I find it more effective to make the phone call first, and then to use LinkedIn’s steps to an introduction. So after I make the phone call, I go back to LinkedIn and request the introduction.

With introductions, I’ve been able to reach people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and we’re now working together. It may take a few extra minutes to do the research to find out who knows the people you want to meet. The return on your investment is high.

Jan Wallen is a speaker, author and LinkedIn strategist who speaks for and works with salespeople who want to generate more leads and sales with LinkedIn. She gives motivating workshops, does laser-focused 1-to-1 coaching and writes customer-centric LinkedIn profiles so your buyers can’t wait to work with you. She wrote Mastering LinkedIn in 7 Days or Less, and her new book Lead Generation and More Sales with LinkedIn will be available soon.

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