Introducing Your Network to Each Other

732367_business_meeting.jpgOne of the most common questions I see about how to use LinkedIn is “How do I introduce two people in my network to each other?”

This is a fundamental practice of good networking, but unfortunately, there’s not a built-in mechanism in LinkedIn for doing that (FYI, others and I have been suggesting that feature for at least three years or so). But just because there’s not built-in functionality for this specific task doesn’t mean that LinkedIn can’t make it a lot easier to accomplish.

The best solution I’ve found is:

  1. Visit both their profiles and click on “Send message to…”
  2. Copy the e-mail address from one of the messages over to the other one (and close the first one)
  3. Write your introduction of both of them in the e-mail.
  4. In the message, include links to both of their profiles so they can learn more about each other.

I do this frequently and it really works very well – I’d like to have it in the tool, but in the meantime…

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