Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover

258105_pouring_paint.jpgUPDATE: This is no longer being offered. I leave the message in tact because I don’t believe in creating broken links.

In the 4+ years that I’ve been using LinkedIn, one thing I have learned for sure — one thing that crosses all philosophical approaches to using LinkedIn — is the value of a good profile. Guy Kawasaki’s Extreme Profile Makeover was a smash hit in the blogosphere, and my additional commentary was one of my most popular posts.

Of course, not everyone is Guy Kawasaki and has access to LinkedIn UI designer Mike Lin, but the vast majority of LinkedIn’s 12 million user could stand an extreme makeover (or at least a little touch-up) of their profiles.

Inspired by Jason Alba’s blog makeover for Ryan Smith and the popular relaunch of Ryze profile reviews on The Virtual Handshake Network on Ryze, plus a little nudge from my channel editor Doug Hanna, I’m going to start doing Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeovers. They’ll be once a month (I reserve the right to do it more or less frequently, depending on demand), and I invite readers to join in with your comments as well.

If you want to sign up, the ONLY way to sign up is by leaving a comment on this blog post. Be sure to include the link to your LinkedIn profile. Don’t send me an e-mail — leave a comment. If you’re embarrassed about it being public, you certainly won’t handle a public makeover very well, so may as well go ahead and get over it now! It’s on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your name in right away.

UPDATE: As you can see, there’s already about a 3-month queue of people signed up. If you don’t want to wait that long, or if you would like to have your review done privately, you can sign up to get it done right away on the LinkedIn Coaching & Training page.

Past profile makeovers:

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