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How to Link Directly to Your LinkedIn Recommentations

My good friend Lori Ruff posted an article today about getting a direct link to your LinkedIn recommendations. Technically, she's correct -- there's no way to make a link directly to your LinkedIn recommendations, i.e., a link that you could share with other people. However, there's an app for that, sort of...
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What to Post on Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn recently shared an infographic on their blog about LinkedIn Company Pages. It's mostly just fun/fluff, but towards the end there's a really useful gem of information: "What updates get the most action?"
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5 Tips to Increase InMail Responses

Email headlines are read by about 8 out of 10 people. Only about 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your message. That means the way you write the email Subject line makes the difference. This also carries over to LinkedIn InMails. Here are five tips to increase your InMail responses.
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How to Remove an Endorsement on LinkedIn

So you've gone click-happy with the endorsements on LinkedIn and now you're a sad panda because you're contributing to making them out to be more of an expert than they are, putting your own reputation on the line for this person you barely know (and who may not even be real). How do you "unendorse" them?
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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Used by 98% of recruiters, LinkedIn is the #1 social network for finding a job. This is a collection of links to some of the best tips for using LinkedIn in your job search. Please vote for those you find useful and add any other good sources you've found.